Unconventional thinking at the forefront of technology

ForeMinds is a UK based, technology lab and incubator, specialising in software research and development. Founded in 2009 it has produced an array of ‘firsts’ in the industry, from innovations during the app revolution to today's most recent breakthrough in blockchain and distributed systems.

Together with its own in-house team of software developers and researchers boasting of a wide range of expertise, ForeMinds also counts with key universities and strategic partners from electronics to bioscience.

Often operating in “stealth” for upcoming and established brands, ForeMinds' unconventional thinking goes beyond the production line and is inspired by a management team lead by H. Bottosso and Nigel Mo Szu Ti. There are no formal advertising or sales teams at ForeMinds, research and development projects come from people “in-the-know” leaving the company to obsessively focus on technical and operational matters as a principle.

Past collaborations and clients include the likes of P&G, Apple, The UK Crown, GE, Unilever, DMGT and others.

Currently, projects under work cover areas such as machine learning, device prototyping, distributed networks and applied cryptography, such as those behind blockchains.

ForeMinds is always hiring.